Over the last 30 years I’ve had the privilege of working with companies from the food importing and distribution industry, the automotive and electrical appliance industries as well as the retail clothing and hospitality industries.

These  include:

1. Automotive:
Daimler Chrysler Australia, Mercedes-Benz of Sydney Zetland, Mercedes-Benz Truck Division NSW

2. Batteries:
Eveready Australia

3. Confectionery:
Nestle Australia

4. Clothing & Textile:
P&S Michael and Supertex Industries

5. Electrical Appliances & White Goods:
EasyCook Australia, Hotpoint Australia and Hoover Australia

6. Food :
F. Mayer Imports Pty Ltd, N&E Pacchini & Sons Pty Ltd, Torino Food Distributors, Bakers Maison, Satisfine Foods, Aussie Health Snax Pty Ltd.

7. General Household products:
Network Imports Pty Ltd, Mayvic Australia Pty Ltd

8. Home Improvement:
Dulux Australia and British Paints

9. Hospitality:
Avillion Hotels

10. Recruitment Industry:
Labourpower Recruitment Services

11.Transport Industry:
Regional Road Express Freight Company

Advertising and graphic design services